The construction industry in India is closely tied to the Real Estate sector, which is undergoing tremendous growth. Hence the logistics of construction and building materials is already seeing stiff competition and businesses are seeing logistics as a key area where wastage can be reduced. Also, a lower carbon footprint is another result expected from the logistics providers, besides requiring transportation of diverse materials ranging from small scale steel structures to larger projects. EASTERN CARGO understands and appreciates these requirements, and is already driving logistics for a number of businesses in this domain, EASTERN CARGO extends specialized services.
The Perishable Industry , one of the most fastest growing industries with demand for sophisticated and experienced handling is our speciality . We specialize in perishables in Air as well as sea. Moving averagely 100 Mts by air & 275 Reefer FEUs per month . EASTERN CARGO provides team which specialise into logistics of perishables only. With their combined expertise of over 100 years , we ensure successful transport solution of our client cargo .
This steel and iron ore industry requires transportation of a diverse set of materials including special plates, wires, high tech pipes, high performance rails etc. In transit protection is also important as products require withstanding stress and avoiding damage around the edges. Transportation weight loss and quality control are also important concerns in this segment. Appreciating these sector nuances, EASTERN CARGO possesses a thorough understanding of this industry, and is a respected and trusted solutions provider in this space as it offers the following special services:

  • FTL Transportation
  • Multimodal Services
  • Rail Forwarding
  • Warehousing/StockYard management
  • Handling Equipment
  • Project Transportation
    We offer unique industry solutions for the agricultural equipment market. Our dedicated professionals have proven their expertise in this field globally. No matter what requirements you have, we tailor logistics solutions for every mode of transport: road, air, sea, roll-on/roll-off or rail transport. Whether project, procurement or distribution logistics, we make logistics solutions work for the agricultural industry.
    Indian Sectors such as the Power and Telecom are witnessing huge growth, gearing up rapidly to address the power shortages faced. While extensive capacity additions are adding to the logistic demands in these Sectors, the Indian Heavy Engineering and EPC sector requires movement of heavy equipment, and hence needs logistics providers with capabilities to meet that, especially ODC services.
    At the same time, inventory build up and management of reverse logistics becomes important for the businesses in this sector. EASTERN CARGO holds long experience of helping customers in the Heavy Engineering and EPC sector and hence is able to offer the right services:
  • Project Transportation
  • Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) and Heavy Lift Consignments
  • Route Survey
    Logistics in the Non Ferrous Metals Industry involve a sharp focus on efficiency, safety and environment. EASTERN CARGO offers logistic solutions which focus on these parameters firmly, even as it extends these services:
    Transportation of chemicals requires special facilities capable of handling hazardous and liquid materials. The safety of personnel involved in the logistics processes also assumes significance. Always under scrutiny, the logistic providers in this sector need to ensure compliance with environment safety and security norms. With the requisite certifications and capabilities, EASTERN CARGO offers special services aimed at addressing the logistic issues typical to the chemicals industry.
    Minerals have always been, and continue to be in high demand across the world. Apart from the resulting demands on logistics in terms of access to remote locations, the sector also requires movement of diverse materials including uniquely shaped mining equipment, ores and concentrates. Equipped to handle these requirements, EASTERN CARGO extends specialized services for the Mining and Minerals sector:
  • Bulk Transportation
  • Rail Freight Forwarding
  • Handling equipment
  • Global Freight Management